Digital Media and Developing Mind – Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

  • Effect of sequential video shot comprehensibility on attentional synchrony – A comparison of children and adults

    Heather L. Kirkorian and Daniel R. Anderson Read

  • Screen media use and ADHD-related behaviors – Four decades of research

    Ine Beyens, Patti M. Valkenburg, and Jessica Taylor Piotrowski Read

  • How early media exposure may affect cognitive function – A review of results from observations in humans and experiments in mice

    Dimitri A. Christakis, Julian S. Benedikt Rameriez, Susan M. Ferguson, Shilpa Ravinder, and Jan-Marino Ramirez Read

  • Metaanalysis of the relationship between violent video game play and physical aggression over time

    Anna T. Prescott, James D. Sargent, and Jay G. Hull Read

  • From savannas to blue-phase LCD screens – Prospects and perils for child development in the Post-Modern Digital Information Age

    David E. Mayer Read

  • How to play 20 questions with nature and lose – Reflections on 100 years of brain-training research

    Benjamin Katz, Priti Shah, and David E. Mayer Read

  • Two are better than one – Infant language learning from video improves in the presence of peers

    Sarah Roseberry Lytle, Adrian Garcia-Sierra, and Patricia K. Kuhl Read

  • Minds and brains of media multitaskers- Current findings and future directions

    Melina R. Uncapher and Anthony D. Wagner Read