The Insanely Awesome POST Pandemic Playbook

Cristian P

Parents of school-aged kids are noticing how anxious their children are, as the return to school and “Normal Life” begins in the spring of 2021. But are the anxiety and depression temporary? Will those feelings just go away on their own? How can we help our kids feel more comfortable with school and friends, and how can we help them wean off a full year of nonstop screen use?The coronavirus pandemic and COVID-19 are beginning to ebb, and our young children today are faced with the return of normal life. While going back to school and seeing friends again will be a huge relief, there’s no doubt that kids are also experiencing anxiety and depression at record levels. When our kids are anxious, we feel worried too. Parents know that being socially isolated and worrying about the virus and other stressors for an entire year have reduced their children’s social skills. Screens have dominated kids’ lives for an entire year – and what impact have they had? Parents also know that kids have worried about the virus, people getting sick, the economy, and other problems. There’s no doubt that being away from school and away from friends has had an enormous impact on kids and their emotional health. Even children who have been lucky enough to go to school part time or full time are showing high rates of anxiety. This book offers a solution by helping kids learn how to cope with their emotions, reduce their own anxiety and depression, improve their social skills, and understand what’s happening with the pandemic and what the return to “normal life” will be like. Readjusting to lower screen and media use is also a huge task, but one that’s taken on in a funny and friendly way in this book. Written by a PhD and an EdD, it helps kids label their feelings, learn to use coping skills that will help them feel comfortable going back to school, solidify their friendships, and even make new friends. Wild kid-friendly humor and illustrations by a 12-year-old really make this book relatable for kids aged 7-11. The Insanely Awesome POST Pandemic Playbook: A Humorous Mental Health Guide For Kids is a hilarious, approachable book that kids will WANT to read! Written by the authors of The Insanely Awesome Pandemic Playbook: A Humorous Mental Health Guide For Kids, this book helps kids re-adjust back to “Normal Life” in the healthiest way possible.