A New Research and Industry Paradigm

Moderator: Ronald E. Dahl, MD

Featured Participants:
Stephanie E. Reich, PhD
Rosemarie T. Truglio, PhD

What can child development experts and researchers teach industry about the practical relevance of their research?  What works and what doesn’t work?  What do we know about child development, and how do we use that to create age appropriate content to optimize kids’ development?   How can media creators deal with some of the unintended consequences — and teach researchers about what kids are “really doing” and why.  


Where’s the Privacy in Digital Childhood?

Featured Participants:
Kathryn Montgomery, PhD
Samantha K. Graff
Angela J. Campbell, JD


We know children spend hours of their day online, playing games, watching and creating media, and communicating with their friends. But do we know how much data is collected about them, what kind, and by whom? How should privacy policies change to address the rights of children and their parents? Is industry balancing its ability to create ever more personally customized online experiences with the special privacy needs of children?


Moving the Needle – Building a Better Digital World

Moderator: Tracy Day

Featured Participants: Justine Cassell, PhD
Lawrence M. Drake II, PhD
Tristan Harris
David L. Hill, MD

The digital universe can be the most powerful tool we have to broaden our kids’ perspectives and cultivate their awareness of the world around them. What are the best strategies to create content to enrich the Internet environment so that it’s used for positive social contributions? How can we be more proactive in creating
educational or prosocial content for making the world a better
place?  How can we make the Internet less distracting, more


Driving While In-text-icated

Featured Participants:
Karl Brauer
David L. Strayer, PhD

What are the latest statistics/trends among teens texting while driving? As automakers rush to develop new technologies to improve safety, what is on the horizon to prevent distracted driving from cellphone use among adolescents?  To what extent has AT&T’s “It Can Wait” campaign resulted in behavior modification?