A Backstage Pass

Featured Participants:
Naomi Baron, PhD
Dimitri Christakis, MD, MPH
Charles A. Czeisler, MD, PhD
Dan Romer, PhD
Larry Rosen, PhD

Attendees appreciated the opportunity to have a tète a tète with some of their favorite speakers and panelists.

Educate Their App-Ettite

Featured Participants:
Ellen Wartella, PhD
Jennifer M. Zosh, PhD

Dr. Wartella and Dr. Zosh elucidated attendees on which
apps can actually educate children and which offer mostly entertainment.

Finding The Pulse

Featured Participants:
Daphne Bavelier, PhD
Candice L. Odgers, PhD
Patti Valkenburg, PhD

This group discussed the latest tools and methodologies that can help advance the science of children’s media research and discussed what barriers and challenges still exist.

Go Fund It

Featured Participants:
Elizabeth Kandel Englander, PhD
Susan F. Newcomer, PhD

A bi-directional conversation with federal and private foundation stakeholders generated some significant new ideas about how to mobilize funding on this topic at a large scale.

The Young And The Mobile

Featured Participants:
Joan W. Almon,
Rachel F. Barr, PhD
Heather L. Kirkorian, PhD

This session explored questions of how play is being transformed, and the interaction between screen time and the neuro-cognitive development, language development, memory, and attention of very young children.